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Chapter 1: Broken

"I expected more from Grand Chase! You're all weak! WEAK!" KazeAaze exclaimed as she looked down on a wounded Elesis. Only a while ago, this redhead was having a fierce battle with the queen of darkness. What happened, you ask? Elesis became a bit too...overconfident.

"This is the damn thing you want to see right? People suffering! You really are a monster!" Elesis cried.

"Monster? Me? I only wanted attention! But all the mortals in the world seemed to go against that!" KazeAaze retorted as she reverted back to her human form: A dark-haired, pale white girl wearing a purple garment,ornamented with diamonds and amethysts, that reached the ground,

"Damn you! If only you didn't have that kind of ability, you'll be much easier to kill!" Elesis yelled as she tried to stand up.

Curse you KazeAaze... I swear you'll pay for this... The battered knight thought as pain brimmed her side, sending her to the ground once again.  

"Hah! You can't even sustain your own wounds... I see the reason why you can't save that little boy I killed earlier!" KazeAaze declared.

"Shut up!" Elesis grimaced, "That boy has a name! And his name is Ronan!"

The magic knight ran into KazeAaze first, with determination that seemed to beat Elesis'. He did his best and fought the Queen of darkness with all his strength. And here he his, lying face down on the ground, lifeless...

"Your friends knew they were going to die. They didn't tell you because they expected so much from you. Hmph." KazeAaze smirked, "Wanna see their last memories?"

The redhead nodded as pain conjured her little by little. That's right KazeAaze! Keep me entertained as I die... But I will never fail a mission like this!

Just as Elesis tried standing up again, a small crystalline ball appeared out of nowhere, shimmering with an intense, green light.

Inside it, a clear view of Serdin Castle appeared. Lire was on the balcony with Ryan, looking at the beautiful blue sky; a rare sight considering they would usually return home from a mission at evening.  

"Ryan...Before I go, I want to say something," The blond elf contemplated nervously.

"What is it?" Ryan replied.

"Ryan, I..." Lire hesitated.

"Don't force yourself, ok?" he told her with a smile on his face.

"I LIKE YOU RYAN!" Lire echoed, and ran off immediately. KazeAaze's castle awaited her, so she left without a reply from her beloved.

After two days of travelling, she finally came face to face with the sullen stalactite. Dark clouds surrounded the tip of the castle while thunder and lightning gave it an eery glow.

Dark magic? Lire pondered, Ugh...Of course it's dark magic! She's a witch for crying out loud!

She ran into the structure and fought off millions of Anmon Guards and scouts, throwing them out of the castle on certain occasions, and eventually reaching the top within minutes.

"HEY YOU!" she shouted.

"Ahh, the archer. A very determined elf I might say..." A malicious voice announced, "For now, you shall be my visitor. I have a little something to show you!"

A crystal ball came out, lighting even the farthest corners of the throne room. It wasn't long before a familiar figure was seen.

Ryan? Lire thought, recognizing the figure.

"Ryan!" A girl, apparently the same age as Lire, called out.  

"Rika!" The orange-haired elven boy replied.

"Will I ever see you again Ryan? I mean, you're going to fight the queen of darkness!" she cried, "Ryan...I don't want you to go!"

"Don't worry Rika...I'll come back for you. I'll make sure of it!" he whispered, pulling her into a tight embrace.

" she?" Lire asked.

"Had enough? Your weak spot was too obvious!" KazeAaze snickered. In a matter of seconds, a dark cloud surrounded Lire and killed her slowly, but painfully. The poor elf threw a few bloodcurdling screams before disintegrating completely.

"Aww... She didn't even let it finish..." KazeAaze added mockingly as she watched the continuation of what Lire had seen.

Ryan refrained from embracing Rika and whispered in a voice, so sincere that anyone would believe him,  "I'll make sure of it, sister... I'll be back for you and for Lire..."

That was that...

"Lire..." Elesis whispered, knowing how her friend felt at that moment. "Darn you KazeAaze!"

"Let's see who's next! That tree-hugger Ryan!" KazeAaze announced, laughing furiously as the ball transformed from green to orange. It was Ryan's turn now...
Grand Chase : A fall for time is a story based on one created by Mikoyu Kiyouwara...

Anyway, this is just my first english fan fiction (I forgot to mention this when I started writing the story) so I'm gonna make it seem quite amateurish...

Yeah, it has a bit of a love story in it so I hope you're not bothered by the pairings.

Nov. 25, 2009:Chapter one's been edited! XD
FreedomDream Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2009
neat! great work! I'll be always look foward to it!
wish u do the best lar!

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Thanks! ^^
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